Our Location: The southwest coastlines of Naxos have a special exotic beauty and are ideal for visitors who are searching for more quiet holidays near the sea in an unspoilt natural enviroment. Kastraki is located 16km from the port and the town of Naxos.

In front of the Dolphin Studios there is Glyfada beach. It is known for its endless white sand and crystal clear waters, the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the sun, the sea and at the same time the peacefulness of a touristic resort. Nearby in short walking distance there are well known traditional restaurants with traditional local cuisine or fresh fish and mini markets. By continuing the tour to the southwest coastline visitors will find the unique Aliko beach (2km.) and the cedar forest which lies there. On the other side at about 4km, visitors will find Mikri Vigla beach where a hill (old observatory) separates the beach into two large sandy beaches.

Naxos, is the largest island of Cyclades with endless beaches, traditional villages, historical monuments and very hospital and friendly inhabitats. A unique place for your holidays! Naxos is reached by air and sea. There are daily flights from Athens airport ''Eleftherios Venizelos''. The flight lasts 35-40 minutes. The island is 103 nautical miles from Piraeus and is served on a daily basis from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. The trip with a standard ferry lasts 5,5 hours and with high-speeds about 3,5 hours. From Naxos visitors can jump to the nearby islands or small Cyclades either by high-speed ferries or local ferries. 

Distance from the beach: 80m
Distance from the mini market: 200m
Distance from the bus station: 250m

Distance from Naxos city/port: 16km
Distance from Naxos airport: 14km